A festive Sunday in Lauda: Go-Ahead Baden-Württemberg wished a happy 150th birthday to the Tauberbahn and presented the future in a vintage dining car

Stuttgart, 04.05.2018 – For more than 150 years the Tauberbahn has been one of the most important modes of transport running through the cultural landscape of the present-day Main-Tauber-Kreis. This anniversary was celebrated on 6 May at the train station in Lauda. Go-Ahead Baden-Württemberg congratulated the historic Tauberbahn and presented itself as an attractive new employer for the region at the fair on Sunday between 10 am and 3 pm.

From June 2019 Go-Ahead will take over operations in Baden-Württemberg on the Stuttgart railway network (sub-networks Franken – Enz and Rems – Fils) and the Murrbahn network as of December 2019 (Network 3A). With its latest-generation, wheelchair-accessible trains that run on a satisfying and reliable schedule, Go-Ahead is making an important contribution to the modernisation and expansion of local public transport in Baden-Württemberg. This means that Lauda-Königshofen will be one of seven operational and registration points for the drivers of the Go-Ahead regional express trains between Stuttgart and Würzburg on the Frankenbahn line.

The occupation of train driver at Go-Ahead Baden-Württemberg was therefore the main topic of Go-Ahead’s presentation. Other occupations required for a top-quality railway service in the region were also presented. In a vintage dining car and with coffee and cake on offer, Go Ahead’s Dr. Peter Raue, Technical Managing Director, and Niels Jäger, Director of Operations, were ready to talk to interested citizens and answer their questions. Other contact partners from Go-Ahead were also present with an information stand. The historical dining car from the 1950’s and a state-of-the-art locomotive, a Smartron from Siemens, were organised with kind support from the Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde. Visitors to the fair were also able to look around the locomotive.

In addition to the fascinating look back at vehicles from the past, the Sunday in Lauda provided visitors with the opportunity to receive professional advice from Go-Ahead as an employer of the near future.

from left to right: Dr. Peter Raue (Technical Managing Director Go-Ahead Baden-Württemberg), Denis Kollai (Sokesperson of the Management Westfrankenbahn), Norbert Stephan (Contract Manager Nord Westfrankenbahn) und Markus Hoffmann (Managing Director HR and Production Westfrankenbahn)


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