A pleasant voice for Go-Ahead Bavaria

Augsburg, 07.04.2020 – Rolling Rs and a Swabian timbre: This is what BR reporter Barbara Leinfelder’s voice sounds like. The passenger information announcements for Go-Ahead Bavaria trains have now been spoken into the mike by the native Swabian reporter from Donauwörth at the recording studio of the pro air media agency in Augsburg.  The famous voice will be heard on several regional lines in Bavaria from the end of 2021.

This involved, in addition to “next station”, recording all railway stations, dozens of interchanges, and announcements for possible delays or disruptions. With the recording studio’s support, Leinfelder spoke a 13-page list into the microphone, including all stops on the Munich – Memmingen – Lindau, Munich – Augsburg – Ulm, Augsburg – Donauwörth – Würzburg and Donauwörth – Aalen lines. “It’s something completely new for me and I had a lot of fun doing it,” says Leinfelder, who is used to speaking into a microphone in her job as radio reporter and has, of course, also undergone speech training for this. “It was a great experience. I am pleased and a little bit proud that my voice will keep passengers on the trains of Go-Ahead Bavaria informed for years to come.”

Bastian Goßner, commercial director of Go-Ahead Bavaria, was also pleased by the news. “We are very attached to the Swabian region; it’s where we will offer the majority of our train services. In Langweid we’re building our train maintenance facility, and our headquarters are in Augsburg. So it was important to us that the announcements be spoken by a person in a pleasant Swabian tone. And in that case, Barbara Leinfelder, due to her regional roots, is a very good choice for us.”

The voice of Barbara Leinfelder will be heard in the Go-Ahead trains as of December 2021 when the company takes over train services from Munich via Memmingen to Lindau. If you want to hear her pleasant voice before that, tune into radio station Bayern 1.

Barbara Leinfelder in the pro air Media recording studio in Augsburg. Photo: Go-Ahead Bavaria/Winfried Karg


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