Bastian Goßner becomes Commercial Director of Go-Ahead Bavaria

Berlin, 14.03.2019 — On 1 July 2019, Bastian Goßner (39) will officially take up his position as commercial director of Go-Ahead Bavaria and as Go-Ahead’s nationwide director of tariff revenue and sales.

Beginning in late 2021, Go-Ahead will be in charge of railway operations in Bavaria for the Allgäu Electric Network route; starting in late 2022, Go-Ahead will also manage regional railway operations on line 1 of the Augsburg rail network.

This means that Go-Ahead Bavaria will operate a total of around ten million train kilometres for their passengers between Munich, Memmingen, and Lindau as well as between Munich, Augsburg, Ulm, Nördlingen, Treuchtllingen, Donauwörth, and Würzburg.

Bastian Goßner (Photo: Martin Heßner)

Until now, Bastian Goßner, who has a degree in geography as well as a master’s in business administration, has been the director of sales/marketing as well as a procurator for the agilis-Gesellschaften in Regensburg.

Before that, he was a successful senior advisor at the DB Fernverkehr AG. He began his professional career at the Bayerische Oberlandbahn GmbH as a business developer and head of sales and communications.

“We are delighted that in Bastian Goßner, we have found a commercial expert able to bring a railway affinity, as well as excellent analytical skills and around 15 years of experience in the field, to Go-Ahead in Bavaria. He is another important component in ensuring the successful start of operations in Bavaria in 2021,” said Stefan Krispin, Managing Director of Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Germany.
Bastian Goßner is a local, born and raised in the town of Krumbach, located right between Günzburg (in the Augsburg rail network) and Mindelheim (in the Allgäu Electric Network). He has lived in Augsburg for over 18 years, where he will soon move into his new office at Go-Ahead Bavaria.

Bastian Goßner is an established expert when it comes to marketing, sales, and tariffs in mobility service provision. Aside from his extensive professional experience in Bavarian local transport, he is also the spokesperson for the non-federally owned railways on the board of the Transport Authority of Federally and Non-federally Owned Railways in Germany (TBNE).

“I’m very much looking forward to my new task at Go-Ahead in Bavaria. The goal of our team is to provide high quality and first class service in local transport to the people of Bavaria from December 2021 onwards,” Bastian Goßner said. “With my expertise and my experience, I will be able to be active for Go-Ahead not just where I live, but also nationwide.”

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