Ceremonial inauguration of the Go-Ahead maintenance centre in Essingen

Essingen, 15 September 2019 – In their role as building contractor, Go-Ahead, have officially inaugurated the new maintenance centre in Essingen, just outside Aalen. Other project contributors as well as the Minister of Transport for Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Hermann MdL, the district administrator of the Ostablkreis district, Klaus Pavel, and the Mayor of Essingen, Wolfgang Hofer were all present.

“Go-Ahead’s new maintenance centre shortens routes and thus the maintenance time of our new ‘bwegt’ trains. In this way it is a key component to further improving the quality of local rail transport. That’s why the state’s funding is well invested here.” said Minister of Transport Hermann at the celebratory operations launch.

The construction of the maintenance centre was an important milestone in the mobilisation of the existing and future Go-Ahead networks in Baden-Württemberg. In the municipality of Essingen, just outside Aalen, on-site maintenance service for more than 60 vehicles will take place. Regular inspections, upkeep, service and maintenance is required so that these vehicles can be used for public transport.

Go-Ahead has invested around 17 million euros in the Essingen workshop, a double-track maintenance hall for railcars, with a workshop, warehouse, management and social areas for the workshop staff, a single-track external cleaning facility for railcars, completely covered and approximately 120 m in length, a stationary hygienic dump station, and areas for rectification/interior cleaning, each with their own track facility and connection to the existing Deutsche Bahn network.

The railway transport company’s control centre is also based at the maintenance centre and serves, among other things, as an interface between Go-Ahead’s operations management and maintenance management, the various infrastructure managers, transport management, and the relevant authorities along the rail network. The employees at the modern control centre, which the Go-Ahead in Baden-Württemberg railway company monitors and controls around the clock 365 days a year, will work in a three-shift system.

“Go-Ahead establishing itself in this very central location of the East-Württemberg region represents a great boost to the entire Ostalbkreis and in particular for the municipality of Essingen. With the new maintenance centre, Essingen Railway Station will be roused from its long, deep sleep. Together with the extension of the four-lane Bundesstrasse [Highway] 29, it’s clear the time has come to have an open discussion about the reactivation of Essingen Railway Station,” said Wolfgang Hofer, Mayor of Essingen.

In the Go-Ahead maintenance centre employees work with experts from the vehicle manufacturers Stadler Pankow on the maintenance of the fleet and thus guarantee the safe operation of our trains. This means that the maintenance centre is much more than a workshop. It essentially ensures that the railway operations of Go-Ahead in Baden-Württemberg run smoothly.


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