Deutschlandtarifverbund GmbH founded

Frankfurt am Main, 9 June 2020 – Contracting authorities and railways found the Deutschlandtarifverbund Gesellschaft in Frankfurt am Main. It is the new umbrella organisation for fares and revenue sharing in regional rail transport. 34 rail transport companies and transport authorities are listed as founding partners. The organisation is based in Frankfurt am Main. More contracting authorities and railways have announced they will join the organisation at the end of 2020. The association is under the direction of Johann von Aweyden.

Together for a future-oriented fare concept
The founding of Deutschlandtarifverbund GmbH paves the way for the last big step towards liberalising regional public transport in Germany: DB-Regio AG is handing over responsibility for regional rail transport fares across the country to a competitively neutral organisation that is open to all rail transport companies and contracting authorities.

Alongside rail transport companies, contracting authorities are involved for the first time in working on a pricing structure and further developing a Germany-wide regional rail transport fare. Carmen Schwabl, Managing Director of the Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen (LNVG): “We want to make regional transport even more appealing for passengers. It has to be easier to buy tickets in future. To achieve this, we need to work much more closely with contracting authorities and railways when it comes to fares. We are certain that it will be easier to reach this objective together as associates.”

The new organisational form ensures equal cooperation, flexibility, and more ability to act. Johann von Aweyden, Managing Director of Deutschlandtarifverbund GmbH also focuses on this: “The Deutschlandtarifverbund aims to offer a transparent, open and agile platform to all partners. These are the high standards against which we will have to measure our organisation. I am delighted to be play a decisive part in this.”

Group photo of the founding partners. Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the founding was a smaller event; many rail transport companies and contracting authorities sent representatives to attend on their behalf.

Dr. Jörg Sandvoß, Chairman of the Board of DB Regio AG, likewise welcomes the organisation’s founding. “I am really pleased about this important development in the local transport sector. Together we are facing the challenges of the market and developing future-oriented concepts for our customers.”

He is supported by Dr. Tobias Heinemann, Spokesman of the Board at Transdev GmbH, a member of mofair, the association of private rail operators. “The founding is yet another important milestone on the way to a fare structure designed by all stakeholders and a functioning revenue distribution between the partners. Transdev supports the idea behind the Deutschlandtarifverbund and will accompany all our associates right from the start.”

Jost Knebel, Chairman of the Board at Netinera Deutschland and Chairman of “Die Wettbewerbsbahnen” in the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV): “It is a milestone for the industry and goes hand in hand with the common goal pursued by contracting authorities and railways of developing an attractive and transparent fare structure to make regional rail transport more attractive .”

Germany-wide fare structure planned for 2022
Since the beginning of this year, specialist working groups from rail transport companies and contracting authorities have been working on the key points of the ‘Deutschlandtarif’ due to begin in 2022. In addition to the actual fare and the corresponding revenue distribution, it concentrates on the design of cooperation contracts and sales. Work continues in the official committees of the Deutschlandtarif GmbH. Following the introduction of the Germany-wide fare, the Deutschlandtarifverbund GmbH will represent the federal and non-federal railways in a role previously held by transport authorities.

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