Female Transport Designer Innovation Prize – Allianz pro Schiene is looking for creative women in the railway industry

Berlin, 1 March 2018 – In September 2018, the German Pro-Rail Alliance (Allianz pro Schiene) will be awarding the Female Transport Designer Innovation Prize for the first time. Creative women from the railway industry who are reinventing mobility as we speak can be nominated until 30 June. The invention – conceived individually or as a team – might be one that turns public transport on its head, revolutionises freight transport, improves the working world for women and families, is environmentally-friendly, strengthens the railway system, or rejuvenates railway design. The women’s network in the Pro-Rail Alliance is gathering all proposals for presentation to a high-calibre jury that represents the entire spectrum of sustainable transport. The jury will publicly introduce the winners on 19 September at InnoTrans in Berlin.

Transport needs a female perspective
Both spokeswomen of the women’s network in the Pro-Rail Alliance, Carmen Maria Parrino (Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland) and Alexandra von Oy (Bombardier Transportation), are calling on all companies in the railway industry to nominate their best and most resourceful female employees for the competition. “Transport needs a female perspective. This is why we want to make the women who work on the improvement of the railway system more visible, whether they work alone or as part of a team.” Parrino and Oy are even encouraging inventive female railway employees to nominate themselves. “Self-confidence doesn’t hurt. Transport in Germany needs decision-makers with spirit. Our jury are looking forward to every nomination for the 2018 Female Transport Designer Innovation Prize. We will ensure that men aren’t entirely on their own at the next InnoTrans.”

Jury reflects spectrum of sustainable mobility
The German Railway Industry Association (VDB), the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), the German Transport Association (VCD), the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Association (VBB), the Association of German Railway Engineers (VDEI), the Association of German Engineers (VDI), the University of Stuttgart, the Swiss Association for Public Transport (VöV) and the women’s network in the German Pro-Rail Alliance, as the competition organisers, are all represented on the innovation prize jury.

Every company in the railway industry can participate
The railway industry is a traditionally male domain and has a Europe-wide female worker proportion of around 20 per cent. However, women work at all hierarchy levels, and these women are currently reinventing transport. They are drafting lighting concepts and transforming railway stations into welcoming and safe places. They are thinking up train designs that outshine the usual grey-on-grey. They are planning building sites in a different way so that female track builders also want to work there. They are drafting apps that are really revolutionising transport, creating work schedules that are more compatible with family life, or applying dual management models. Of one thing we are certain: Every company in the railway industry can present such examples in abundance. So there’s only one thing left to say: Make way for the strong railway women!

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The German Pro-Rail Alliance (Allianz pro Schiene) stands for the promotion of an environmentally-friendly and safe railway network. It unites 23 non-profit organisations: the environmental organisations BUND, NABU, Deutsche Umwelthilfe and NaturFreunde Deutschlands, the consumer associations Pro Bahn, DBV and VCD, the automobile clubs ACE and ACV, the federal association CarSharing bcs, the bicycle club ADFC, the two railway unions EVG and GDL, the Conference for Church Railway Missions, the railway associations BDEF, BF Bahnen, FEANDC, VBB and VDEI, as well as the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (TU), TU Mittelhessen, Aachen University of Applied Sciences and TU Berlin. The member associations represent more than 2.5 million individual members. The railway alliance is supported by around 150 companies in the railway industry with a total turnover of 30 billion euros in railway transport.

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