GDL and Go-Ahead Deutschland conclude col-lective agreement

Joint press release from the German Train Drivers’ Union and Go-Ahead

Stuttgart, 20 August 2021 – Following highly intensive and constructive negotiations the Go-Ahead Group and the German Train Drivers’ Union (GDL) concluded a collective agreement in Berlin on 19 August 2021. The agreement offers a satisfactory solution against a backdrop made particularly challenging by the coronavirus pandemic.

“This agreement clearly documents the value that Go-Ahead as an employer places on its employees”, said Claus Weselsky, Chairman of the GDL. “With this agreement we continue on our joint path as collective agreement parties and continue to expand the scope of the agreement,” said Katinka Heppekausen, Chief Human Resources Officer at Go-Ahead.

Higher pay and increased planning security
As the agreement runs until 30 June 2023, it not only reflects current agreements in the railway industry, but goes beyond them. It includes the following elements:

  • a pay increase of 1.4 percent from October 2021, of 1.8 percent from October 2022 as well as an additional 1.5 percent from March 2023
  • a coronavirus allowance of 600 euros, to be paid in October 2021
  • an increase in the employer’s contribution to the occupational pension scheme to 2.7 percent from January 2022
  • progressive improvement in extra pay as well as extending the period of night shifts from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. from July 2023
  • introducing an annual shifts plan as well as a new work time account structure from 2023
  • additional collective agreement possibilities for structuring shifts
  • extending collective agreement coverage to more employees in the administration department by July 2023
  • fixing subsidised pay at 90 percent in the case of short-time work.

Training and additional staff at Go-Ahead
Go-Ahead will also continue to increase its investment in training. For example, employees in charge of training will themselves be trained for the task in the future and be suitably remunerated. Remuneration for training participants and trainees will also increase. The extended collective agreement coverage to the additional employees should be concluded by 30 June 2023.


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