Go-Ahead and “Agentur für Arbeit Tauberbischofsheim” host applicant day

Berlin/Stuttgart, 20.03.2018 – Today, the Go-Ahead Baden-Württemberg GmbH hosts an applicant day in cooperation with the Tauberbischofsheim employment agency for career changers and young professionals to train as train drivers.

The five-hour information event is yet another element of the training offensive from Go-Ahead and is a part of the cooperation agreement with the Baden-Württemberg regional office of the Federal Employment Agency. Go-Ahead is using this format to locate suitable applicants for the train driver traineeship. The event began with the company introducing itself and the job description, as well as the course of the training. A test with participants and further discussions with suitable candidates then took place.

Go-Ahead is using this format in order to meet suitable applicants for the train driver traineeship. From 2019, Go-Ahead will be taking over the train operations in the Stuttgart network on the lines Franken-Enz and Rems-Fils and the network „Murrbahn“.

The training is certified by AZAV (the German Accreditation and Authorization Ordinance for Employment Promotion) and can be sponsored by employment agencies or the job centre. Up to 15 prospective train drivers can take part in each course. The entire training is divided into two stages and comprises a theoretical and practical part. It takes around ten months and is run by the training provider MEV Eisenbahn-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH.

After passing the exam, the participants are employed by Go-Ahead as train drivers. In the second stage and continuing up to the start of operations, they are trained in cooperation with partners and prepared for their employment as train drivers in the Baden-Württemberg rail networks.

The eighth course is scheduled to begin on 16 April 2018 in Lauda.

Those interested in the occupation of train driver can find out more about the training, job profile and career prospects in career section of Go-Ahead.

Furthermore, it is possible to introduce yourself every 14 days at the Go-Ahead. The next dates for this information day are March 27, April 10, etc.

If the application documents have been submitted five days in advance, the applicant will have the opportunity for a personal interview on the info day and and to determine your suitability in a test.

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