Go-Ahead and GDL sign collective agreement

Berlin,15 December 2016 – The Managing Director of Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH, Stefan Krispin, and Charles Hodgson, Federal Chairman of the Gewerkschaft Deutscher Lokomotivführer (GDL) [German Train Drivers’ Union], Claus Weselsky, as well as the Managing Director of the GDL tariff department, Thomas Gelling, have officially signed four collective agreements. These are the industry-wide collective agreement for train personnel (KoRa-ZugTV) running until the end of 2018, the house tariff agreement, which is valid until the end of 2020, and the collective agreements for the I and II operator change (train drivers, dispatchers und train conductors). The operational jurisdiction of the agreements will be Baden-Württemberg, where Go-Ahead will be operating the Rems-Fils and Franken-Enz lines in the Stuttgart rail network as of 2019.

From left to right: Gelling, Weselsky, Hodgson, Krispin

The GDL KoRa-ZugTV industry-wide collective agreement regulates the most important requirements for qualifications and work, such as the legal working week, work break regulations, holidays and bonuses, as well as actions in the event of an employee’s incapacity to work. The high minimum standards to which Go-Ahead has committed itself will therefore once again be secured. This is also reflected in the house tariff agreement, which provides occupation-specific rules in particular, such as the working time account, planned working hours, and the provision of an occupational pension scheme. After lost tenders, the operator change agreement ensures the orderly transition to a new operator, thus ending workplace anxiety. This agreement means that DB-Regio employees can smoothly transfer to Go-Ahead.

Go-Ahead: an attractive employer
Special features of the concluded collective agreements include market-conform compensation with an annual growth rate of 2.2 per cent for the duration of the KoRa-ZugTV, the introduction of a 38-hour week in 2018, and the employer-financed occupational pension scheme at 2 per cent of the individual monthly salary. Go-Ahead thereby emphasizes its position as an attractive employer.

“We are really looking forward to successfully working with GDL,” says Stefan Krispin, Managing Director of Go-Ahead Deutschland. “We are proud to offer our employees a good occupational pension in addition to permanent contracts and a market-conform salary. By signing the agreements, we are likewise pleased to have sent a positive sign to the market that we are definitely an interesting employer for train drivers, train personnel and other employees.”

“It’s a good day for train personnel,” confirms Federal Chairman Claus Weselsky. “With this signature, the GDL collective agreement is valid for all major railway traffic companies in Germany. For railway drivers, train conductors and dispatchers, this means guaranteed salaries at a market-conform level and protection in the event that an employee is no longer fit to drive. At the same time, Go-Ahead increases its appeal and thus the chance to gain good and qualified personnel in an almost empty job market.”

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