Go-Ahead and the Federal Employment Agency step up their collaboration

16.11.16 – With the newly-concluded cooperation agreement, Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH and the Baden-Württemberg regional office of the Federal Employment Agency are stepping up and strengthening their successful collaboration.

As of 2019, Go-Ahead will be running the Karlsruhe-Stuttgart-Aalen, Würzburg-Stuttgart and Crailsheim-Stuttgart-Ulm lines in the Stuttgart rail network. To this end, they are looking for qualified train drivers and are also offering continuing training places. As the need for staff spans Baden-Württemberg, suitable candidates are being sought across the whole state. The cooperation agreement therefore provides a central contact point for all employment agencies in Baden-Württemberg and serves as the base for all future interactions, such as holding an applicant day. The pilot event was successfully implemented in Stuttgart at the beginning of October and is to be extended to other cities over the coming months. In order to find suitable candidates, the company presents the occupation of train driver at the several-hour event. After testing the participants, discussions are held with suitable candidates so that places can be filled for the training courses beginning in November.

Support from a competent partner
“We are very proud of this cooperation agreement and are looking forward to the support and collaboration,” says Stefan Krispin, Managing Director of the Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH, “With the help of a competent partner, it’s a great opportunity for us to staff all positions in our company well and to offer applicants a secure workplace.”

After successfully acquiring the train driver license and when all health requirements are met, Go-Ahead can guarantee a permanent position with an unlimited contract and union-rate pay.

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