Go-Ahead hosts second applicant day in Karlsruhe

18.01.2017 – Today, the Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH hosted a second applicant day in cooperation with the Karlsruhe-Rastatt employment agency. The five-hour information event is yet another element of the training offensive from Go-Ahead and is a part of the cooperation agreement with the Baden-Württemberg regional office of the Federal Employment Agency. Go-Ahead is using this format to locate suitable applicants for the train driver traineeship. The event began with the company introducing itself and the job description, as well as the course of the training. A test with participants and further discussions with suitable candidates then took place.

Successful applicants have the option of completing a full year of training, which will be certified by AZAV (the German Accreditation and Authorization Ordinance for Employment Promotion) and be sponsored by employment agencies or the job centre, under certain conditions. The offer is aimed at people over 20 years old and who at least have a high school qualification. In addition, they should also have a certain technical foundational understanding or a relevant professional qualification. If all health requirements are met and the application for the train driver license has been successful, Go-Ahead can guarantee a permanent position with an unlimited contract. Following the applicant day in Stuttgart last year and the one today in Karlsruhe, more events are planned, including in Aalen and Ulm.

Visit our career section for more information about the training:
Triebfahrzeugführer zur Ausbildung (m/w) (Großraum Stuttgart)

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