Go-Ahead obtains building permission for a maintenance centre in Essingen

22.12.2017 – A new construction will soon spring up at the Essingen train station. Heralding the beginning of the implementation phase, the building permission for the new construction of a train maintenance facility for Go-Ahead in Baden-Württemberg has been granted.

With two lines on Stuttgart network 1 and the Murrbahn (network 3a), Go-Ahead will generate a future total of 10 million train kilometres per year in the region’s regional rail transport. In the municipality of Essingen, just outside Aalen, on-site maintenance service for approximately 60 vehicles should take place. Regular inspections, upkeep, service and maintenance is required so that these vehicles can be used for public transport.

The Regional Administrative Authority has given the green light for Go-Ahead’s latest construction project with the planning permission decision for a rail vehicle maintenance centre in Essingen.

With the planning consortium Gewinner/Bauplanung Nord’s acknowledgement of Go-Ahead’s maintenance centre, the first foundation has been laid to achieve the goals of the construction project in full. The construction project aims to create an on-site maintenance centre within networks 1 and 3a and to guarantee high availability and quality of the vehicles, as well as effective stationary and mobile troubleshooting.

This means that it’s just not a maintenance centre that Go-Ahead is building for approximately 19 million euros. The proposal includes a double-track maintenance hall for railcars, with a workshop, warehouse, management and social areas for the workshop staff, a single-track external cleaning facility for railcars, completely covered and approximately 120 m in length, a stationary hygienic dump station, and areas for rectification/interior cleaning, each with their own track facility and connection to the existing Deutsche Bahn network.

The building contractors will soon begin with their work to erect the maintenance centre. The implementation can get underway now that the building permission has been obtained. The construction pit will be dug out in the next few weeks and the work on the structure will begin in spring. The facility is expected to be completed by the end of 2018 after around five months of construction.

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