Topping out of the Maintenance Centre in Essingen

Go-Ahead’s preparations in Baden-Württemberg are underway and at full speed—all signals point to the municipality of Essingen, just outside Aalen.

On November 8, 2018, Go-Ahead held a traditional topping out ceremony for the company’s first maintenance centre. Managing Director Hans-Peter Sienknecht and numerous company employees celebrated the occasion together with the contracted companies Benkelmann, Prinzing, ARGE Rossaro-Klenk, and Traub as well as with the construction planners from Bauplanung Nord and the architects and engineers from Gewinner. Now that the shell construction has been completed, the final construction phase of the project can begin.

The construction of the maintenance centre is an important milestone in the mobilisation of the future Go-Ahead networks in Baden-Württemberg. In the municipality of Essingen, just outside Aalen, on-site maintenance service for approximately 66 vehicles is to take place. Regular inspections, upkeep, and service are required so that these vehicles can be used for public transport.

Roughly 20 million euros will be invested in the project. The construction proposal, to be located on the 11,400 square metre plot, comprises:

  • a double-tracked maintenance hall for railcars including a workshop, warehouse, management, and social areas for the workshop staff;
  • a completely covered, single-track exterior cleaning facility, roughly 120 m in length, for railcars;
  • a stationary hygienic dump station, and areas for rectification/interior cleaning, each with their own track facility and connection to the existing Deutsche Bahn network.

Limited operation of the workshop will commence in March 2019, while the entire facility is due to be completed by May 2019. For the launch of operations of both sub-networks of Stuttgart’s Network 1 as well as the Murrbahn (Network 3a), the upkeep of the vehicle fleet should be reliably implemented there in cooperation with the vehicle manufacturer Stadler Pankow GmbH.


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